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I have specialized in visual communications, in corporate image, print communications, web site development and photography. I believe that communication is vital to the success of a business. There is a powerful dynamic created when a strong logo design is communicated through targeted print design and expert web design. I specialize in creating that dynamic. I cater for small to medium size businesses..


I believe in creating positive and ample returns on your investments. Simply put, I want your business to do well, and want to do all I can to help out. Since I spend a lot of time and real effort to understand your company and your business needs while designing your logo, it is easy for me to create design concepts for other identity-related marketing or advertising needs. Having designed your logo I know what you want in terms of your image, the sort of graphics and fonts you would like and the target audience you are catering to. 
And in case you already have your logo but require a face lift for your ad campaign or need to add to your existing identity portfolio, I can still study your organization and come up with marketing and advertising aids that would be an asset. 
Following are a few of the design services I offer you, and the process for each is the same as that for custom logo design.


Web Design: You may be looking towards giving your brick-and-mortar business a virtual presence. Or, you are an online company looking for a fresh appearance. We can help you with your web design needs, because when it comes to the design of your website you should really get the most effective professionals. You need immediate impact because you barely have a few seconds to impress a surfing visitor into coming in and taking a look at your product. A prospective visitor will only consider your business legitimate on the strength of your web appearance and the integrity it projects. With me, you get the best at affordable rates. And of course, I give you constant personal attention throughout your project. I use this to translate your needs into functional and attractive design, and stunning real-world results.

Banner Design: Let me create eye-catching, effective and highly click-friendly banners, which can be a big source of your online or off line revenue. What is more, my banners are optimized and can be download quickly in all kinds of browsers for maximum visibility and great marketing results. If you have already got your logo designed, and need help placing it into a banner, we can do that for you too.

Brochure Design: Brochures are crucial for the marketing endeavor of any company, they tell your customers about the services or products you carry and that you are better than your competition. I pay attention to your input, and create a winning brochure that would hold its own amongst the best and largest of marketing campaigns. But it will cost you just a fraction in terms of comparative pricing.
Whether they are bi-fold, tri-fold or z-fold brochures that you see around everyday, gate-fold brochures which are great for impact, or professional folders that are so good for your inserts, your marketing teams would be thrilled to carry the brochures I design for you.


Catalog Design: If your marketing teams can carry a handy catalog for all your services and products your customers get a very clear, concise picture of what your company is all about. I design catalogs that will represent your business effectively, and create maximum impact. I can design catalogs in any shape or size you want, with a usual minimum of 8 pages. I create online catalogs as well as printable versions.

Flyer Design: In case you need pamphlets for mass distribution, I can also create flyers that are high on impact but low on price. You can be sure of running a successful campaign with the aid of my innovatively designed flyers.

Template Design: I believe that any identity solution should be part of an entire concept. I offer to design the templates for your press releases, newsletters and proposal cover-letters, which would make your business look its established and professional self.

Icon Design: If you are looking for icons designed just for your web pages and matching your exact requirements, you have come to the right place. No work is too large or too small, and I work out icons for small businesses to large corporations in my typically individualized style.

Press Advertising material design: You can trust me to create the image that is just right for you, which tells your customers that you are genuine, reliable and professional. We can design advertising material for online as well as print media, and take pride in infusing your advertisement with the brand identity you would like to establish or consolidate.

Promotion material: Promotion materials such as folder covers, danglers, press kits, mailers are a must for the modern company or organization, especially when participating in events like seminars, charity evenings, and trade fairs. Your material should reflect your company's professionalism and uniqueness, and create a lasting visual impact. This is where I excel in design and format, to convey an impressive image.

Stationery Design: When you send in your correspondence, your stationery speaks volumes about your company, who you are and what you are worth. Order your stationery along with a logo design order, and you can gain amazing concessions! Click HERE for Samples/Portfolio.


Package Label Design: When it comes to selling a product off the shelf, a lot hinges on the first impression. If your package label catches the shopper's eye, you have an improved chance of making a sale. Which is where I come in. We make sure that the package label oozes your brand identity and draws in the customer. If I have designed your logo or website already, this should take very little time, if not, we would start from scratch and figure what exactly your brand needs to have on its package labels. In the highly competitive retail world where shelf space is at a premium, we give you eye-catching designs, striking shapes and materials, and clever, functional construction.

Product Packaging Cover design: If the product package is professional and attractive, it immediately conveys an established brand image.  Let me design your packaging cover, and help you increase your sales and market share.

Graphic manipulation & digitization: I provide graphic manipulation & digitization services along with my website design and refurbishment processes, but this could be customized according to your specific requirements. I am able to manipulate graphics with consummate skill.

Photo editing, repair and restoration: Expert picture editing can do wonders for a photograph, and lead to the creation of a good print. Clean editing is able to highlight the content and streamline it as required. Repairing and restoring photographs is also possible  and I can restore and repair pictures of jewelry or personal photos and also carry out enhancement of web pictures and high resolution pictures. Please contact me for any other kind of pictures as well.

Illustration: I am equally at home with artistic as well as realistic illustration. Whether it is science fiction, romance, fantasy or portraiture, I will not disappoint you. Illustration, whether digital or otherwise, can be an important part of your advertising campaign, e-zine, books or comics, and my creative and professional touch will help you get positive results. Click HERE for Samples/Portfolio.

Textile print design: I am are versatile, and I love a challenge. I have successfully designed motifs and repeats for print and embroidery for furnishing and upholstery fabrics as well as dress materials. Tell us what you want and I will bring  talent and ideas to the table.


E-book Design and Software Box Graphics: E-book design software are freely available, but if you do not have time, find yourself unable or unwilling to study and use them, we can help. If you have an e-book manuscript and need it formatted and designed into a striking e-book that would sell and attract good reviews, you need to let professionals do the work for you. I will work to give your e-book that special look that would distinguish it from other do-it-yourself projects, and bring you the kind of sales you are looking for. I also help spice up your e-book with the right software box graphics that give it the winning edge.

Flash Headers: In case you want to hold the attention of a visitor on your website, the answer to attracting them may lie in a flash header. I generate flash headers with moderate animation, so your customer's computer does not slow down and he or she is attracted to the page to read its content about your products and services instead of being distracted by the header itself. For instance, a flash header could be the way to set the tone of your website if you are related to the entertainment world, so that visitors stop by after being drawn in by the flashy header.

Posters / Signs design: The success of posters and signs lies in how well they can create an instant recall of the brand. If a prospective buyer remembers you from your poster or sign, you have got yourself a winner. I believe in designing posters and signs that translate into sales, and work with a bunch of in house designers who have designed signs and posters for all kinds of customers, from local restaurants to multinational corporate houses.
Single Panel Cartoons design and caricatures: Cartoons and caricatures can spice up any publication or advertisement and whether you are a serious company trying to get a more relaxed image or a news syndicate running cartoon columns, I ame able to give you single panel cartoon designs that are just right for you and caricatures guaranteed to bring in the laughs.

Greetings / Postcards design: I can tackle greeting card and post card design with enthusiasm and creativity. My cards are suave, formal, trendy, humorous or casual depending on what you want. So if you are in the business of selling greeting cards or post cards, or want them done for a particular occasion, I have some really sharp deals for you.

E-Greetings / E-cards design: In our fast paced environment, the virtual world is fast taking over the real. Traditional greeting cards are increasingly giving way to E-Greetings, and E-cards. Besides being fun and easy to send and receive, they can also be interactive and playful. I would love to work on such projects for you, and add my ideas to yours to create some of the best E-Greetings and E-cards in the industry! 

Animation & Presentation: I can use audio, video, images, motion, and interactive navigation in order to create animations and presentations to suit your business. I can cater to your education and training requirements or design product demonstrations for marketing and sales presentations. All of these can be fit into a CD. These CDs can be handed out to prospective clients along with your name card, making it easy to communicate your company's message, catalog, or product specifications.

Book / Magazine Covers design: It may be true that you ought not to judge a book by its cover, but a snazzy cover for a book or a magazine sure helps. If you want your book or magazine to stand out in the crowd at a newsstand or bookshop, we can help you design the cover.


Background Images / Pictures design: If you are looking for custom-designed background images and picture design, I have innovative solutions for you , and if ordered as part of a graphic design package, these could be really affordable.

Wedding Invitation Card design: Weddings are very special, and you may want each part of the entire affair to be unique and mesmerizing. From the invitation card to name cards on the reception table to photography, I bring that special unique touch, artistic, creative and intimate. I am open to suggestions at all times, and would like to add to my list of services according to your needs. In case you are thinking of getting your logo designed by me, I hope you would also consider the above services to take your business to the next level. With my knowledge of your company gained during the logo design process, I can work work wonders for these additional design services.

Please contact me in case you require any of these services or have design ideas in other categories, and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



Our approach to website and graphic design is not by jumping straight into Photoshop and coming up with a design. Instead, we sit and listen. We want to hear you talk about your business, your needs, and your vision.

After that, we think. We work through navigational and usability issues, we examine the marketplace to find out what others are doing that works. We take into account your existing brand and audience.

We ask lots of questions: What is the purpose of the website? Are there any technical requirements or constraints that you know about at this stage? In your opinion what will attract people to the new site?
What is the typical profile of visitors to your site?

What are your company colors? Finally, we put pen to paper or should we say mouse to computer.

We love designing beautiful websites that convey both your message and your personality to the online world. We enjoy and have a passion for using images, colors and code to solve your business problems and to increase your visibility.

To get a glimpse of what we've done for our clients, please have a look at our web design portfolio. If you like what you see, contact us.


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