Difference Between Personal Fitness and Body Building

The personal fitness and body building are two branches of same tree. You can say that because, whenever you will see a fitness freak or a body builder, you will see that they have almost the same habits or eating, drinking and even doing the gym. But still there is a lot of difference in both of these things. Let’s see the first difference, a person guided by a personal trainer for weight loss in UAE will do gym at least 3 to 4 hours a day and that will include small sessions of many different exercises. For example, if they start with the chest exercises, they will do it back, arms, legs, belly and legs in that same 3 to 4 hours. But a body builder will work out in a gym for at least 5 to 6 hours and each day there are specific exercises. For example, a body builder will have the week’s schedule set, in the first day of the week, he/she will make sure to work out for chest, next day for legs, and all the other days of the weeks as follows.

You must be wondering that if both are almost the same in terms of being guided by a personal fitness trainer in UAE, why they do different gym time? To answer this we have another reason, a personal fitness person will have a slim and slick body with the muscle mass to an extend which suits his/her body. There will be no veins that will be popping out like a building’ pipeline and there will be no extra muscles. But when you will see a body building, he/she will have a huge body and there will all sorts of muscles that you might have not heard of. And the veins will look like seaweed because they will be that much thick and prominent.

There is another difference in seeing clearly that who is a personal fitness and who is a body builder. The personal fitness person will never use steroids and will make sure to keep diet as minimum as possible in a way that the stomach feels full as well. They will avoid all sorts of protein shakes as well. But a body builder will eat a lot because they have to gain mass to make it big as well. They will drink different kind of protein shakes and some even use steroids.