Quick guide to applying oud carefully

Oud is one of those fragrances which are widely popular all-over middle east which is why people try to aim for best oud perfume in Dubai. Because it is such a special scent therefore its applying trick is also special. Here is how you should apply oud for best results:

First stage:

  • Use the applicator stick to bring out a good quantity of oud,
  • Rub the oil on your wrist leaving a shine which oil usually does. 
  • With the oud left on your finger, apply it on the back of your neck and behind ears.

Second stage:

  • Use the stick to apply product on the palm of your hands,
  • Rub both of these palms together and with the left-over oud apply it on your shoulders and back.
  • Oud can also be applied on your clothes which will give a pleasant scent to your clothing apparel.

Third stage:

As you must be aware that oud is a wood which, when burnt, gives out a pleasant smell. If you don’t own oud perfume then you can certainly use the oud sticks to spread aroma in your house or surroundings. Keeping that in mind, here is how you should use oud wood:

  • Prepare the oud stick by wrapping foil around the stick while you get the burner ready.
  • Don’t burn the oud stick directly instead prepare a burning coal which will become the medium to smoke the oud stick which will then give out its fragrance.
  • If you would want the fragrance to engulf you then the moment smoke rises cup it with your hands and the smoke will ascend in your palms leaving a scent.
  • If you would like to scent out the surroundings such as your home or room then pick up the burner and walk around the house with it so that the oud particles can spread in the air and leave good fragrance.


  • If you walk the burning oud to your closet, then it is going to leave a pleasing fragrance around.
  • If you would like the oud to be ascended in your bathroom properly then after a steamy bath quickly spread the oud smoke around and close off the bathroom.
  • If the smoke is not able to spread all around then use the old trick of fanning a news paper to keep smoke ignited.

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