What to keep in your bag

You don’t know when you will be in danger. You don’t know when you will be in the most difficult situation when there will no one with you and you have to deal with everything alone. However, there are helpline numbers but it is important to take some precautions. Instead of filling bags with makeup or snacks or cigars only, there are many others we could keep. Some of them are

Pepper spray: Trust me, the world is not utopia. It is idiocy if you think like this. You don’t when you will be stopped by someone and taken anywhere. Therefore, to save yourself from the darkest of times, save numbers of helplines in emergency contact list and keep the pepper spray’s large bottle with you. In this way, you can save yourself a bit. When you are out of home, keep one spray in your pocket or bra of sportswear Dubai and second in bag. 

Leggings: You don’t know when you will down and tear off your jeans or leggings. Therefore, to save yourselves from such embarrassment keep a pair of leggings in the bag. You can buy the finest leggings online, Dubai is home to them, at any time. You can get varieties of it. Buy black leggings because it is the safest. So, whenever your bottoms will tear off, just go to bathrooms and change the bottoms and you will be then ready to go anywhere at any-time without feeling embarrass.

Knife or scissor: Keep and knife or scissor with you so that you cannot be robbed so easily. All you then have to do is to be confident, take out your knife and pull it over them to afraid them and made them to run. However, do not risk your life if you are afraid and shivering inside otherwise you might lose your life because these robbers are very smart.

Pen and diary: We don’t give importance to it but keep pen and diary can save us too. We don’t know when we get a need to write something on piece of paper. In such cases, it will be helpful to have diary and pen in bag. So, keep them and make life easy.

So, these are a very few things which you should keep. Beside them keep high heel shoe and fork to save yourself from rapists and robbers. To save yourself from getting bored, keep newspaper, book and headphones. So, these are basic things to keep and save yourself from any kind of trauma.