Strangest Foods Sold in Restaurants

People love some of the weirdest food combinations but we cannot judge anyone because it is their choice but we were compelled to tell you some of the strangest food combinations that are sold worldwide. And even the most conscious people have claimed that they liked it, that is why we want you to know about these dishes and maybe you want to give it a try to some of them. So, the strangest one we found was a burger that has a patty of cow’s brain. In fact, that is not even a patty, it is putty mesh that is cooked and put inside the burger bun. Believe it or not this dish was originated from Dutch and from the German, these are the countries who have given the world with some of the most legendary dishes and this dish was also consumed by many people. To make its taste a little better, beginners ate it with ketchup but now there are very less people in Dutch and Germany who eat it because they want to have healthy food in Abu Dhabi.

Talking about weird, there is a dish that sounds really delicious but it might not taste the same. It is called the rocky mountain oyster, now you must be wondering where the heck oysters will be appearing on rocky mountain. That is the fun fact the actual dish consists of fried testicles of bull. Yes, the fried testicles of a young bull and these are the bulls that wander the rocky area. Why this dish has a beautiful name because people are tricked into eating this but this trick is done by friends and family only not the hotels. The testicles are soaked in hot water, peeled, washed and seasoned, marinated and fried and finally served.

Then there is a Khash dish. This is dish is made and eaten by rich families in the Middle East. This dish involves cow feet, its head and stomach. All these things of cow are added in a big bowl, boiled for hours and when it becomes a soup, people add different spices and drink it.  Then there is a dish called the A-Ping also known as the Fried tarantula. This is a dish famous in Cambodia and it travelled to different parts of the world. But don’t worry, you can always order an athlete food plan too.