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The Road to Enlightenment




In this game you have to switch the positions of the green frogs with the brown frogs. In my original Portuguese, the instructions can be summarized as: " Neste jogo tens de trocar a posição das rãs verdes com as rãs castanhas."  In Spanish it goes...."Cruza las ranas de un lado al otro y viceversa."



It can be done. Switch the frogs to the opposite side within 2 minutes.
(this is a 2nd grade computer test in China ) (REINICIAR = RESET)








Awesome test to exercise your brain. The score is the number of seconds you take to do all numbers. Move your cursor in numerical order. No need to click. Just touch the number with your cursor. Start by looking for the number 1,  the number 2 after that,  the 3 after that and so on until you get to the 33. Limit is 125 seconds...Test your brain now!