The basic elements of news

History rarely seems to repeat itself and so does news. Different types of news may have a tendency of having similar story lines by falling into the same definite category but by looking at the facts we can easily distinguish between one to other. Here are the elements of Abu Dhabi news which define it:

  • Immediacy

One of the major reasons that why we rely on news is that we receive it as a hot potato where it is immediately broadcasted on the Television or internet and if news we receive isn’t as quick as it should have been, audience loses interest in it. The words today and tomorrow hold significance and the dates are mainly quoted for the facts.

  • Proximity

This is also one of the highly affecting factors which people look for when tuning into news channels. They mainly want to be aware of their locality and what goes down in there at the current hour rather than worrying about people or situations happening in far off remote part of the world which doesn’t even concern them.

  • Consequences

No one is interested in the news report of a rain or flooding unless there are some serious consequences of the action being involved. A reporter or the journalist must be gripping enough in their news delivery that it allures the audience and holds them before they complete their story.

  • Prominence

People don’t really pay attention to plain boring news reporting unless they are aware of a prominent figure being involved. Even if the news casting of a flood has the elements of proximity and consequences to it, they won’t be highly interested in it until they realize that the area or city being flooded is prominent and it refers to their hometown. They will be concerned and would want to know more about the situation.

  • Oddity

Have you ever noticed how some news reporters would grip by saying a simple phrase ‘oddly enough….’ and just like that you want to wait longer to know the odd fact of the story. Oddness plays a major factor because people want to spice things up and know what really went down. The greater the oddness factor in the story, the greater the news will be valued.

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