Floor and carpet protection tips

Floors are that one important structure in house which can make or break the value of your property. We know you swear by not letting anything happen to the floor but what would you do when there is no other option than dragging the furniture which will surely damage the floors and carpet? We know you don’t want to spend thousands of bucks on repairing floors because moving itself because international movers Dubai to Canada are going to cost you enough. So here are some tricks to help you through moving.

  • Stop dragging. This is the first and the most basic rule which everyone needs to follow and be careful about when they move their furniture. Dragging furniture across any kind of floor can potentially ruin the floor and sometimes hurt the furniture as well. Carry the lighter weight furniture while for others use wheels.
  • Use furniture blankets to create friction between the floor and legs of the furniture. It is hard to move heavy objects because there is hardly any friction available which is why adding a blanket will make it easier to slide furniture across the floor.
  • One major mistake which we often do is that we overfill our boxes. Have you ever experienced the time when you are picking up a fully loaded cardboard box just to end up spilling its contents all across the floor? We have all been there. Use good quality tape to tightly pack the bottoms of the box.
  • Hire professional movers. If you contact the best movers and packers in Al Ain, then we believe there is nothing to stress about. They will help you in packing your things quickly and smartly without causing any damage around. It is also convenient considering the fact that moving itself is a pretty hard task and someone taking care of one of the responsibilities for you is surely going to come in handy.
  • If there is a large number of people roaming around your carpeted house, then this is an alarming situation in which carpet should be protected under any cost. Use a cling wrap or clear plastic film to help you with saving the carpet and the drags of furniture over it.
  • If it is easy to remove the carpet then we believe nothing is smarter than removing the carpet altogether.